In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Embodied Intuitive Movement coach Sharmeen Abeysinghe about the importance of connecting to your body sensations and your inner child to help let go of stress and overwhelm. Sharmeen shares some valuable movement exercises you can experience to shift your emotional state within a few minutes..

Sharmeen Abeysinghe previously discussed listening to your body with Dr. Lisa in Episode 79

Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe is the Embodied Intuitive Movement Coach who offers opportunities to align your physical, emotional and energetic body so that you can step into your unapologetic, fullest expression of Self. After finding freedom from the grips of childhood and complex trauma stemming from toxic people & environments, Sharmeen has since been supporting others looking to release the effects of toxicity (past or present), gain emotional resilience, inner strength, unshakable confidence & better posture, through her business, My Aligned Life.  

Sharmeen’s life before nurturing and coaching others to free themselves from the effects of chronic stress & toxicity, was that of a registered early childhood educator. Her knowledge of human development, particularly the impact of childhood experiences on the development of human behaviours, beliefs, and emotional wounding, is an absolute asset to her life’s calling helping others. She is the mother of two brilliant school-aged boys and is in a committed loving relationship of over twenty years with her loving and supportive husband, Sanka. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Connecting to your body sensations, building trust with your inner child and knowing what your body needs next
  • How you can use your body position and movement to shift your emotional state quickly
    • Shake it out
    • Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Shifting your perspective by getting on the floor
    • Open your heart space by squeezing your shoulder blades
  • Finding the right movement for the state your child is in
    • Colouring or drawing
    • Walk
    • Dance party
  • How you can quickly get into flow state
  • Dealing with chronic pain as both a physical and psychosomatic experience

You can connect with Sharmeen at or on Instagram @my_aligned_life to book a complimentary Feel it to Believe it session. 

Check out the Movement Melts Stress video guide HERE.

Today’s Mama Must Have:

Sharmeen loves her alone time, even when she’s running errands or picking up take-out.

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of the Ultima Hydration replenisher with a few drops of doTerra grapefruit essential oil.

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