In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa talks with financial services professional Christina Zaharia about what you need to know about your money. From budgeting to life insurance to teaching your kids about managing money, we cover all aspects of how you can fine tune your finances and make your money work for you. 

Christina Zaharia is a Financial Services Professional helping families and business owners protect their personal life, business, and assets so they can live comfortably and achieve their future goals. Her expertise lies in understanding your unique situations, goals and finding opportunities and solutions that solve multiple problems. As a business owner Christina Zaharia is passionate about helping other individuals build their own financial services business and create passive income sources. Christina previously worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder; currently she is growing her business while taking care of her family and personal life.

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa and Christina discuss:

  • How to stick to a budget by frequently tracking your expenses and how you spend your money
  • The importance of not leaving your finances in your partner’s hands
  • What numbers you need to know
    • Your financial independence number for comfortable retirement and emergency fund
    • Rule of 72 to find out how long it will take your money to double
  • The types of insurance to consider to protect yourself and create a legacy
  • How to stop drowning in your debt
  • How to make managing your finances more fun
  • The importance of having visual tools as a fun way to teach your kids about money and budgeting
  • The difference between allowance and rewarding your kids for responsibilities around your home
  • The importance of teaching your kids to split their allowance in thirds – for wants, for saving and for charity
  • The benefit of getting your kids’ life insurance
  • How to pay yourself first
  • Other resources include Flip app to price match your groceries, Mr. Finance on YouTube and Til Debt Do Us Part TV show with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

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Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of Wordle for a brain workout.

Christina is a big fan of Wet Wipes, even as a mom of older kids.

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