In today’s episode, Dr. Toni talks with psychologist and founder of SheWorth, Kimberly Mueller, about her personal experience with COVID-19 symptoms, testing positive and recovering from COVID-19. Kim was one of the first people who tested positive and recovered in the province of Alberta where she lives.

In this episode, we cover 

  • What symptoms of COVID-19 Kim experienced: body aches, fever, mild shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, mild sore throat, complete loss of taste and smell
  • How she processed the shock of testing positive
  • Dealing with being sick and talking about COVID-19 with her young kids
  • The thought process behind deciding who and when to tell about testing positive 
  • How to see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity 
  • The ways that different age groups and personality types respond and behave to recommendations for self-isolation and distancing 
  • How to measure the Big 5 personality traits to determine the different personality types of you and your family members
    • Openness to Experience
    • Conscientiousness
    • Extroversion vs. Introversion
    • Agreeableness vs. Disagreeableness
    • Neuroticism

Powerful Mama Advice:

Be mindful of your intake of media. Don’t watch the news constantly. Put a daily time limit on what you watch or read about COVID-19.

Focus on what you can control – even if it’s just taking a shower or getting outside for a few minutes.

Set aside some worry time each day, then shift your mindset with thought stopping, engaging with friends or family, or pursuing a hobby or other activity.

Articles and Websites Mentioned:

New York Times article about the loss of smell with COVID-19.

Personality Test on SheWorth.

Connect with Kimberly at and

Today’s Mama Must Have: 

Dr. Toni can’t live without her favourite music/emotional support video on YouTube by Canadian musicians Walk Off The Earth (Mash up of Beatles songs) that Frankie lets her play over and over.

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