In this episode, Dr. Lisa discusses how to ditch food guilt and feel your best by following intuitive eating principles with certified nutritional practitioners Carly Rodness and Laila Peterson-Tannis. It’s tiring reading all of the social media headlines that tell you the way you’re currently eating isn’t optimal. We teach our children to listen to their bodies and eat the foods that serve them and there is even more power in doing it yourself! 

Carly Rodness and Laila Peterson-Tannis are certified Nutritional Practitioners and the owners of ebb & flo nutrition, who can help you feel at peace with your body and food. Instead of dieting, they guide their clients through the Principles of Intuitive Eating and gentle nutrition to help women reconnect with their body, all while ditching dieting and food guilt once and for all. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Why it’s important to break up with diet culture and give yourself permission to eat whatever your body wants to eat
  • The misconceptions around intuitive eating
  • The importance of self-awareness and assessing your individual body’s response to different foods
  • Why intuitive eating isn’t for everyone and there is still a place for different therapeutic diets
  • How to question and unlearn the food rules and dogma that you take on
  • The connection between your emotions and how your body can digest your food
  • The importance of recognizing that you will naturally expand after eating
  • How labeling certain foods as “bad” and restricting processed food is involved in binge behaviour
  • How restricting certain foods can maintain that food’s power over you
  • What to expect when you start to follow intuitive eating principles

You can get more information about intuitive eating with the free guides Intuitive Eating Workbook and Holiday Survival Guide 

You can connect with Carly and Laila on Instagram or by booking a free consultation to find out more about their 12 week group program to work through your relationship with food, ditch dieting once and for all and eat without any guilt. 

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of using the 5 minute smiling meditation on Insight Timer in the evening to release tension from the day.

Carly and Laila love finding a community of supportive mama friends who are aligned with their beliefs. 

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