In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with spiritual and somatic movement coach Sharmeen Abeysinghe about what you can do about low libido in perimenopause. Stress and unresolved emotional issues can impact how you behave in the world, especially your sexual expression and libido. Current negative feelings can be related to past trauma and can use up precious energy. Listen in and experience how movement medicine can reignite the pleasure that you deserve.

Sharmeen was previously on Episode 79

Sharmeen Abeysinghe is a Spiritual & Somatic Movement Coach for women.  Her areas of focus are the interplay between the body, brain, emotional & energetic self; and how we can influence these through movement. Having experienced developmental trauma growing up, and complex trauma in adulthood, Sharmeen has a deep understanding of how trauma can shape your life. 

While being an educator for nineteen years, she is adept at simplifying complex information so that it is not only easily digestible, but fun as well! Sharmeen has two brilliant boys aged twelve and nine and is in a committed loving relationship of over twenty years with her loving and supportive husband, Sanka. Sharmeen offers individual & group coaching services through her business  

Sharmeen is an advocate of total health for all; in herself finds this through movement. Since 2022, she has been exploring and re-finding her connection to Universal Energy Source…. Where she has experienced what can only be described as miracles. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Important causes of your low libido in perimenopause, including stress
  • How current stress and past trauma can impact your libido
  • What is movement medicine and how you can experience increased libido as a beneficial by-product of practice
  • How your need to analyze everything can be related to denying yourself pleasure 
  • The importance of somatic movements practices to increase your connection with your body and your confidence, as well as your ability to experience relaxation and pleasure
  • How to experience pleasure and your own touch in a non-sexual way
  • The importance of slowing down and moving mindfully
  • How research links mindfulness with sexual function in women

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