In this new episode, Dr. Lisa discusses how to connect with ourselves and others in meaningful, satisfying and pleasurable ways. She was inspired to record this episode after listening to Glennon Doyle’s podcast episode 239 of, “We can do hard things”, where Glennon interviews adrienne maree brown (writer, activist and facilitator) about finding satisfaction and pleasure in our everyday.

Dr. Lisa shares:

  • How what we have been taught about satisfaction from the media and from our families has shaped our definition of satisfaction and pleasure
  • How to experience pleasure in our daily lives even with all the challenges and hardships going on in the world
  • The importance of savouring the “little” moments and how to do that
  • Simple ways to connect and be present with your partner and kids, even if you only have a few minutes in the day
  • How to experience collective joy by attending a sporting event, concert, a play and more

Mama must-have:

  • Dr. Lisa loves having a “smoothie bowl” for a snack. Some days she just mixes goat yogurt and fruit with PB fit powder or PB2 powder; other days she adds hemp protein powder, organic soy milk, ground flaxseeds and fruit to make more of a smoothie bowl.

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