In this episode re-release, Dr. Toni discusses how setting and enforcing boundaries is essential to prevent burnout with Dr. Liz Bolen. If you are exhausted and find yourself automatically saying yes when you mean no, it’s time to look at your boundaries. Too many of us put the needs and feelings of others ahead of our own. It’s time to reclaim your space and energy, instead of hoping and wishing that someone will do it for you.

Dr. Liz Bolen is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of the Bolen Health Institute. Liz is a wonderful guide on the journey of bridging science, medicine and magic in the field of Quantum Healing. Feeling trapped and a black sheep all her life, Dr. Liz fostered her inner resilience by pushing herself to find freedom that allows her to thrive. The poster child for perfectionist and overachiever, Dr. Liz has adopted imperfect action and finds triumph through wielding the magic of being high functioning. She is a truly authentic soul that sees everyone’s inner magnificence and listens nonjudgmentally while holding a sacred space for transformation. She has the ability to call people out for their BS as she compassionately guides people forward, despite themselves, to guarantee their success. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The difference between putting a wall up and setting healthy boundaries
  • Why listening to yourself is the foundation for having healthy boundaries
  • The magic formula for setting and enforcing boundaries
  • How no is a complete sentence
  • Why you are responsible for being clear with conditions and consequences in order to create safety and respect around your boundaries
  • How feeling anger and experiencing drama and chaos relates to your boundaries
  • Why 99% of boundary breaks are about you
  • The importance of re-programming yourself out of being a good girl
  • How practice is key for setting your boundaries 
  • See Episode 143 on your personal needs

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Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Liz recommends locking out time for yourself at least one day a week

Dr. Toni is a big fan of overnight chia pudding jars for a quick healthy breakfast at home or to go

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