While celebrating our 200th episode (!), Dr. Lisa reviews what worked for her, AND what hasn’t, in her perimeonpausal journey thus far. Dr. Toni shares the common symptoms of perimenopause, a transitional time of fluctuating hormones that can look different for every woman. Symptoms may include: hot flashes, irregular or heavy periods, sleep issues, aches/pains, depression, anxiety, brain fog, body composition changes and more.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • What is perimenopause and menopause
    • Hear about Dr. Toni’s experience going into menopause:
  • What has been working for Dr. Lisa
    • Menstrual cycle awareness – for more info, see Episode 59
    • Slowing down, listening to your body, self love and acceptance
    • Increasing soy, supplements like magnesium, L-theanine, ashwagandha, using progesterone cream
  • Some changes that Dr. Lisa implemented that have reduced perimenopausal symptoms
    • Switching from intermittent fasting to a way of eating and fasting that supports her hormones
    • Going alcohol free
    • Ditching the weighted blanket (the reason may surprise you!)

See more info about research on perimenopause: 

See more info about sleep: Episode 73

See more info about hot flashes: Episode 32

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa loves her Costco membership for bulk shopping and chest freezer in the basement to store leftovers 

Toni – immune support for change of season – gummies, multi and electrolyte powders with elderberry and zinc, plus topping up with vitamin D drops

What’s Else is Happening?

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