In this episode, Dr. Lisa discusses the best strategies to manage picky eating in your kids with Picky Eating Expert Danielle Binns. While there are many reasons why kids can steer away from certain foods, even the picky eaters can learn to expand their food choices. Listen in to learn what you can do (and what not to do) to make meal time less stressful!

Danielle Binns is a Certified Nutritionist, Picky Eating Expert, and more importantly, a mom of three who gets it. Danielle experienced the struggles around trying to feed her family first-hand. Her first daughter was an extremely picky eater,  labeled ‘failure to thrive’, and mealtimes were beyond stressful.  After endless research, and acquiring Certifications in picky eating, Danielle transformed her daughter into one of the most adventurous kids at the table. 

She made all the mistakes at meals and is now on a mission to show other parents that there’s a better way to raise healthy eaters. Over the past decade, Danielle has helped thousands of parents around the world achieve stress-free meals via her step-by-step online programs (Raising Adventurous Eaters, Picky Eater Protocol) and private coaching (Thrive Program).  She also makes food exploration fun with her revolutionary mealtime tools (Curious Cookie).  

Danielle educates and inspires families while speaking at global paediatric conventions, consulting Montessori schools, and running eye-opening workshops for parenting communities. She is a trusted resource for media outlets like CTV News and has been featured on various podcasts.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to know where your kids fall on the spectrum of picky eating
  • The importance of setting up your eating environment and schedule for success
  • How to deal with food jags or when your kids reject food they have eaten before
  • The importance of increasing enjoyment and reducing stress, frustration and pressure during mealtimes
  • How you can make mealtime fun and foster your kids’ healthy relationship with food

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Dr. Lisa is a big fan of her air fryer for making easy meals and reheating leftovers.

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