Did you know that loneliness is worse for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes per day and can shorten your life by 8 years?! In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Dr. Michelle Peris ND about the negative impact that social isolation can have on your: mental health, cardiovascular disease risk, cognitive health, and cancer morbidity and mortality rates. Now, it is more important than ever to foster meaningful connections to not only help your mood, but to also lower your stress levels and disease risk.

In addition to being the mom of 2 young kids, Dr. Michelle is the clinic director of The Poppy Clinic in Oakville, Ontario and is the founder of a revolutionary women’s health community initiative called The Wild Collective. She is also the creator of Dr. Mom ND, an online resource for health-conscious moms and their natural babies.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The impact of loneliness on your health
  • How you can foster connection and community when you are physically distanced to others during a pandemic
  • What it means to reclaim your wild, plus why you want to do it and how to do it
  • How to tap into the power of your menstrual cycle (or moon cycle if you don’t have a period)
  • What the Wild Collective is all about

You can SIGN UP for a free virtual info session (during the week of Sept 14th, 2020) for The Wild Collective Toronto HERE. You don’t have to live in Toronto or Canada to join. Spots are limited and previous sessions have sold out! Don’t miss out on this revolutionary women’s health community program.

You can find Dr. Michelle online at The Poppy Clinic and on Instagram @drmichelleperis

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