In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Hannah Yang about the differences between Canadian and French culture, especially when it comes to food, snacking and family meals, and how it impacts how she is raising her daughter in France.

Hannah Yang is a naturopathic doctor, who was born, raised and trained in Canada. She has been living in France with her partner for the past 7 years, teaching yoga, science and language. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • The expectation for kids in France to eat the same meal at the dinner table as mama and papa
  • How regimented meal times and the lack of snacking in France trains kids to accept delayed gratification
  • The focus of school lunches in France on local and organic food, even in some public schools
  • How decision fatigue around parenting and meal times can suck the life out of the joy around cooking, even if you love cooking – getting kids involved with meal prep can help

Today’s Tip:

Check in with yourself: What are some unhealthy habits that you have around food with your kids? What is one step you can introduce to make a change?

Today’s Mama Must Have:

Hannah has found it essential to find other moms she could truly connect with, instead of just spending time with moms because their kids were the same age as her daughter.

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