In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Toni discuss their Best and Worst of 2020 and talk about their intentions for this year. This episode is not about resolutions!

Dr. Toni’s Best of 2020: 

  • Staying hydrated by drinking lemon water every morning for increased energy and delaying breaking overnight fast
  • Walking outside daily for physical and mental health
  • Doing something about her hot flashes – improvement with nutrients and herbs, even when indulged in alcohol over the holidays! See Episode 32 for more details
  • Tackling mental health in the face of pandemic, loss and grief with nutrition, herbs, connection and gratitude
  • Taking a pre-holiday break from sugar and alcohol

Dr. Lisa’s Best of 2020:

  • Started Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) for improved sleep
  • Practiced daily gratitude and bullet-journalling
  • Started time-restricted eating (aka “Intermittent fasting”)
  • Modified her work environment for the better: near a window, using a light box, using standing desk
  • Took a break from alcohol for a few months in the fall, then really limited over the holidays and found other ways to relax, including yoga, Insight Timer, walking, reading
    • Asked herself “why” she was having alcohol and did I need more?

Dr. Toni’s Worst of 2020:

  • Sleep issues due to pandemic, Frankie’s broken sleep and poor sleep hygiene
  • Lack of daily practice for meditation, quiet reflection, gratitude
  • Too much mindless screen and online time

Dr. Lisa’s Worst of 2020:

  • Indulging too much: baking a lot with her son, Stuart
  • Addiction to SmartSweets – bought and ate way too much
  • Not asking for help sooner while trying to do too much on her own with her business (she now has a virtual assistant!)
  • Putting alone “couple time” on the back burner after starting off well so well with that at the beginning of the pandemic

Dr. Toni’s Intentions for 2021:

  • Daily pelvic health practice
  • Switching up meditation and incorporating HypnoMothering practices
  • Shutting off screens earlier and reading books before bed
  • Scheduling fun and partner dates
  • Looking at new systems for planning

Dr. Lisa’s Intentions for 2021:

Word for 2021:

  • Dr. Toni: Nurture 
  • Dr. Lisa: Wonder/Light 

What do you want in 2021? Consider creating something like Gretchen Rubin’s 21 for 2021 List

Today’s Mama Must Haves:

Dr. Toni is currently obsessed with the series Bridgerton on Netflix (produced by Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy fame), not only for how it provides a lovely escape from current events, but for its look at expectations around marriage, gender roles, class and race. Think Pride & Prejudice with sex! It has inspired her to get back to using her local public library to read the novels by Janet Quinn. While waiting, she’s re-reading Pride & Prejudice. 

Dr. Lisa loves the Insight Timer LIVE events, providing extra options for breathing, meditation and yoga classes with the added bonus of connection and feedback. 

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