In this episode, Dr. Lisa is talking with environmental engineer Emma Rohmann about the importance of reducing toxins at home. You may not realize that hormone disrupting chemicals in personal care and household products can cause harm in your body at small doses, and may be involved in earlier ages of menopause and even earlier ages of puberty in your kids. Now that you know, find out how you can be a more conscious consumer without getting overwhelmed!

Emma is a mom of 2 and the founder of Green at Home and The Healthy Home Method. With over a decade of experience as an accredited green building consultant and project manager, she now helps moms and moms-to-be reduce toxins at home without overwhelm, do a lifestyle overhaul, and prevent losing time and money on stuff that doesn’t work. Her online guides, courses, Healthy Home membership and personalized programs blend the science with the practical application needed to help drive healthy changes in our busy lives. Emma is a trained David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach, a guest lecturer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and holds a certificate in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. You can learn more from Emma on The Missing Pillar of Health Podcast and at

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Common misconceptions you may have around personal care and household products 
    • It wouldn’t be allowed to be sold if it weren’t tested and safe.
    • It’s only a little bit, and well within the safe limits allowed.
  • The biggest concerns of the impact of hormone disrupting chemicals on you and your family including:
    • Cancer
    • Early onset of puberty in both girls and boys
    • Early onset of menopause
  • How focusing on swapping out personal care and cleaning products is the easiest way to start reducing your toxin exposure at home
  • The importance of avoiding “green-washing” on the front label of your products, as well as products that don’t really work
  • Emma’s favourite deodorants – Green Beaver, Routine and Beauty Counter
  • The importance of avoiding the catch-all term fragrance on the ingredient list of your personal care products, which can contribute to development of allergies and asthma and contain hormone disrupting phthalates 
  • How a previous winner of the Allergen of the Year award is often found in natural laundry soap
  • Emma’s label-reading training can be found HERE  
  • Some resources for looking up products you currently use:
  • The importance of properly filtered water to avoid trace amounts of medication in tap water and other contaminants
  • A safer way to use plastic to reduce your exposure to hormone disrupting bisphenol compounds if you can’t completely avoid plastic
  • How avoidance is key, in addition to supporting your body’s detoxification pathways
  • Getting your kids more involved with cleaning the house by having them involved in making easy and effective cleaning products

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Room-by-Room Checklist, Cleaners Recipes & Other Resources:  

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Advocacy: Environmental Defence Canada

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This Week’s Mama Must Have: 

Dr. Lisa loves using coconut oil for dry skin and Badger Balm for dry hands. 

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