In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Nicole Manes about how sound therapy can be used to manage stress and mood, improve sleep and digestion, and promote relaxation to support healing and well-being. Tune in to experience the benefits of a sound bath for yourself! 

Nicole is a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and is the co-founder of Sound Response Wellness, a company offering online and in-person Sound-Based Stress Reduction™ services. In addition to a long-standing interest in psychology, mindfulness and spirituality, plus over fourteen years as a public relations and marketing communications specialist, Nicole brings years of vocal training, live performance, song writing and in-studio recording experience to her sound therapy practice. She uses a variety of instruments and tools including voice, crystal quartz singing bowls, metal singing bowls, tuning forks, drum and chimes to deliver therapeutic soundscapes that help people reduce stress and increase their overall sense of well-being. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The difference between in person and virtual sound therapy sessions
  • The benefits of sound therapy demonstrated by scientific research:
    • Can help you to anchor yourself in the moment and feel grounded
    • Naturally promotes a state of calm and relaxation of your central nervous system
    • Reduces stress and tension in the body to positively sleep, digestion and symptoms of depression and anxiety
    • Provides the one of the easiest ways to enter a meditative state
    • Help you get in touch with emotions that are hard for you to verbalize and shift your state to regulate your emotional stability
    • Acts like a massage from inside out
    • Increases physical energy levels and promotes a feeling of well-being
    • Can lower blood pressure and physical pain
  • How there is no minimum dose of sound therapy for you to experience benefits
  • The importance of nature sounds for feeling a sense of safety
  • How you can use different sounds at home as healing tools
    • Running or pouring water 
    • Koshi chime 
    • Kalimba
    • Your own voice with humming, singing or sacred vowel sounds
  • How different soundscapes can be used in sound bath depending on the desired effect and complement other health practices
  • Nicole provides a 10 minute sound bath for you to enjoy

You can connect with Nicole on Instagram at: @NicoleManesSoundTherapy on FaceBook and online at

Check out Nicole’s free weekly sound baths on her Nicole Manes Sound Therapy YouTube Channel  

Today’s Mama Must Have: 

Nicole is a big fan of lemon ginger tea and the Essentrics functional movement system Framewrk by Josephine Cuthill

Dr. Lisa relies on the Bands in Town app to find different music events happening online to get her live music fix

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