In this episode, Dr. Lisa chats with holistic nutritionist, Rebecca Oliver, about how to: set up a system to ensure your kids are in tune with their nutritional needs; make meal-time fun and stress-free; and, to get those picky eaters to want to try new foods. Rebecca explains: why using bribery, pressure, and distraction doesn’t work in the long-term and how: the division of responsibility, the words you are choosing and exposure are all effective strategies to get your little ones to have more variety in their diet.

Rebecca Oliver is a mama of two and a kids yoga instructor, as well as founder of the Picky Eater Solution program. She provides an online virtual coaching course that helps to guide parents and caregivers to transform their fussy eaters to adventurous eaters without using the common tricks and gimmicks like pressure, bribing or distractions. Most importantly, she helps families create a healthy foundation for a positive relationship with food. She believes that there is a way to teach children how to like new foods and that with proper exposure and the right environment, children will thrive! 

In this episode, we cover:

  • How parents get stuck without the tools and resources to guide their kids through picky eater behaviour
  • Common strategies that you might use to get your kids to eat, such as
    • Pressure to eat another bite
    • Bribing
    • Distracting with a screen
    • Sneaking vegetables in food
  • How common tactics can cause stress in parents and can set your kids up with an unhealthy relationship with food
  • The importance of getting your kids relaxed and comfortable with eating and trying new foods
  • The division of responsibility for your meal times
    • Parent: what, when, where
    • Child: how much and to eat or not
  • How to take the cookie off the pedestal 
  • The importance of language, exposure and presenting new food with different sized spoons for your kids to serve themselves
  • How to get your kids involved in making healthy snacks
  • Quick healthy breakfast ideas your kids will love
  • The importance of letting go of expectations and using family meal time as a learning opportunity for your kids
  • The keys to having a battle free meal time
    • Learn the triggers to your kids’ resistance to food
    • Create excitement and giving your kids choices around meal time
    • Create a routine around meal time to make new the new norm

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Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Rebecca uses the herb ashwagandha regularly for coping with stress and her overall well-being.

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of summer smoothies with frozen cauliflower, collagen and macadamia milk. 

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