In today’s episode, Dr. Toni has a candid conversation with transformational coach Kari Klein about her experience as a perimenopausal mama.
In this episode, we cover Kari’s journey with:

  • Quickly going from pregnancy to perimenopause to menopause
  • The impact of blood sugar swings on brain function
  • Shifting diet to more healthy fats and less refined carbohydrates
  • Feelings of depression, irritability and rage impacting her parenting
  • Looking for the deeper root behind what wasn’t working
  • Dutch hormone testing determining high estrogen and low progesterone
  • How liver and progesterone support was the key to quickly create emotional balance
  • Recognizing that was is seen as “normal” or common is not natural or optimal
  • How adrenal support was not the answer to the feeling of “running on empty”
  • The importance of slowing down to speed it up
  • Coaching women (and their partners) to tap into their wisdom to reduce stress
  • Shifting her feelings around intimacy in her marriage after having a baby

Powerful Mama Advice from Kari:

If you look at our species as a whole, we are running on fumes and we are out of our natural habitat. By giving grace to yourself, you can look at how you’ve moved away from what is natural for you.

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Today’s Mama Must Have:

Kari shares how the Gro Clock has made a huge difference in how she starts her and her son start their day and how she gets things done in the morning. Find it online HERE.

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