In this episode, Dr. Toni speaks with Art of Feminine Presence coach Fran Watson about reconnecting with our feminine essence and power as an antidote to feeling tired, worn out and trying to give from an empty cup. Listen in to learn more about the things that drain us as women, how to stop the energy drain and reclaim our power.

“The feminine essence wants healthy, loving attention and she wants it often. This is not a desire sprung from weakness but an impulse to grow. Healthy attention is like food and water. If we don’t get it, we don’t grow and when we stop growing, we die. It’s that important. A woman who is seen by the people in her life stands out by her vibrancy, her health, her skin and her smile. She is well fed and it shows.”

After 18 years in a high-profile career as a publicist in the film and television business, Fran Watson was exhausted, burnt out and unclear how to make changes despite knowing a lot about how to make changes. She was feeling stuck and didn’t have a lot of time or money to spend on getting unstuck. 

Now, this silver-haired woman in her 50s has mastered the Art of Feminine Presence and helps people who are feeling stuck in unfulfilling work lives discover their soul-work and fill up with clarity and confidence to step into the life they were born to live.

In this episode, we cover

  • The difference between feminine and masculine essence 
  • How and why you’ve been taught to reject your feminine essence and focus on the masculine…and why it leads to burnout
    • Masculine culture focused on daily rhythms sees feminine monthly rhythms as unpredictable – for more about cyclical living, see Episode 59
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to fill your own cup
  • The power behind finding a community where you can truly be seen and heard – for more on community medicine, see Episode 90 
  • How to bring your attention to your belly to connect with your energy, power and ability to communicate

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Today’s Mama Must Have:

Dr. Toni is a big fan of the classic naturopathic hydrotherapy practice of wet warming socks, also known as Magic Socks.

Fran loves to get life flowing with the 10 minute Path to Presence Meditation she shares on her website https://biggerlifenow

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