Episode 166: Moon Cycles and Emotions with Evolutionary Astrologer JoAnn Stoneberg

In this episode, Dr. Toni discusses how moon cycles can impact your emotional well-being with evolutionary astrologer and clairvoyant JoAnn Stoneberg. Human beings have been paying attention to the moon and stars for thousands of years. Learn what important information you can tap into when you pay attention to the phases of the moon and the position of the stars and how it can help you understand to support emotional health for you and your family.

See Episode 59 for more information on moon cycles and cyclical living.

JoAnn Stoneberg is an evolutionary astrologer and clairvoyant, as well as the owner, founder and creator of As The Planets Turn.  She teaches Astrology, is a speaker, muse and writer. JoAnn is very gifted at helping her clients work though and navigate their fears and obstacles when it comes to life’s ups and downs and transitions.   She is instrumental in teaching her clients techniques that can be used for many years to come to assist them throughout their lives. JoAnn’s intuitive use of the planets and stars help her clients have more faith and trust within themselves knowing it is ok to be who they are; by translating the beautiful ancient language of Astrology in a brilliant way to help you understand and discover the evolutionary intent of your soul. Her 20-year healing journey and training in ancient techniques has heightened her already intuitive skills to eloquently heal the souls of past lives, transform the lineage of our ancestors, clear negative energies and help lost earthbound spirits to cross over.  

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The importance of knowing your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign 
  • The 4 main phases of the moon and how it can impact your energy and behaviour
  • How the moon can be affected by the stars and astrological signs 
  • The relationship between your birth chart and the moon 
  • Why you need to know your partner’s and kids’ moon signs to support their emotional needs and well-being

You can connect with JoAnn, get her Moon Phases e-book and register for her online astrology classes – Navigate Your Emotions and What’s Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign – at www.astheplanetsturn.com

Follow JoAnn on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/joannstoneberg/

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Toni is a big fan of topical magnesium for muscle tension, like Epsom gel. 

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