Episode 176: Why Yoga is Good for Your Brain, Heart, Nervous System and More with Trish Krause

In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with yoga teacher and habit-based transformational mentor Trish Krause about the benefits yoga can have on your blood sugar metabolism and hormone levels. Having an evidence based technique to manage stress and nervous system regulation can make a huge difference in how you experience symptoms of perimenopause like insomnia, anxiety and hot flashes. Listen in and learn how less is more and you don’t have to spend hours on the yoga mat to get all the benefits for your brain and hormones.

Trish Krause is the founder of Bite out of Life Wellness, a trusted source for evidence-informed health and lifestyle information and practical strategies for change. As a habit-based transformational mentor and coach with a specialty in nutrition, hormone health, and insomnia relief, she enables busy professionals, particularly women in the prime of life, to overcome the overwhelm and progress toward a life of calm and courage by recognizing and reclaiming their wild and making their own health and lives a priority, one step at a time. Trish is a certified holistic nutritionist and firmly believes food forms the foundation of health. She is also a certified yoga teacher and encourages the inclusion of a variety of yogic principles and practices to support the brain and the body and enhance healthy habits.

Trish lives in Kingston, ON with her partner and their two retired racing greyhounds. A late-in-life runner, yogi, piano student, author and community creator, she believes in the power of reinvention at any age or stage of life and tries to be guided by the poet Mary Oliver’s beautiful question “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”. Trish educates and coaches individually and through her group health program The Wild Collective. She works locally and virtually, serving clients across Canada. She can be reached at trish@biteoutoflife.ca.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Trish’s rocky road through perimenopause into menopause and how yoga and running improved her symptoms
  • How yoga can reduce symptoms of perimenopause that you might be experiencing, as well as your brain health
  • The importance of breath in any yoga practice and how it can help you manage stress
  • How consistency of your yoga practice is more effective than spending long amounts of time in practice
  • Different types of breath work and yoga that you can incorporate in your self care routine
  • How your mood and body pain can be reduced by supporting your brain health through BDNF

Connect with Trish through her website https://biteoutoflife.ca/

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa loves Mindvalley for access to inspirational teachers.

Trish is a big fan of taking 5 minutes of self care for simple self care.

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