Episode 80: Cannabis 101 with Jeananne Laing

In this episode, Dr. Toni is joined by registered herbalist and cannabis educator Jeananne Laing. More and more women are becoming interested in cannabis use, and yet there still is a stigma when it comes to using cannabis, especially when compared with other legal drugs.

Jeananne Laing is a registered herbalist, cannabis educator and integrative nutrition health coach. Jeananne is a founding member and past President of the Alberta Herbalists Association, as well as a past board member with the Canadian Council of Herbal Associations. Jeananne’s interest in the medicinal use of cannabis and other plants began at an early age. After being involved in the herbal industry for over 15 years, the time was right for Jeananne to focus on helping people understand and utilize cannabis as part of their health care protocol.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of the right time, place and dosage for cannabis products, like all things we consume
  • How cannabis is not just one product; it’s a category of products
  • The cannabinoid molecules found within the cannabis plant
    • CBD is psychoactive with no potential for impairment like how coffee impacts your brain, can sharpen your senses, can be calming
    • THC is psychoactive with the potential for impairment
  • The factors involved in how your body reacts to THC and CBD
    • Method of intake
    • Potency of product
    • Your individual genetics
  • The importance of experimenting with different cannabis products and timing to figure out the best product for you, since there is no one size fits all
  • The 3 main intake methods for cannabis products
    • Inhalation – breathing in cannabinoids released from plant through heat, quick acting with full effects felt within minutes, great for quick results for pain, anxiety, sleep, nausea vomiting or appetite stimulation, lasts for 2-4 hours
      • Smoking – least desirable due to negative impact of breathing in smoke
      • Dried herb vaporizing – easier on the lungs to breathe in vapor
    • Ingestion – your liver transforms cannabinoids and increases potency, lasts 4-12 hours for sustained results
      • Edible products include liquid with dropper, drinks, chocolates, gummy bears, popsicles
    • Topical – can be used on specific areas for local relief of menstrual cramps, digestive discomfort, joint and muscle pain
      • Includes creams, gel, patches
  • The regulation and testing of legal cannabis products market in Canada
    • Retail stores – provide pre-packaged products, unable to give you recommendations based on your health concerns 
      • Cannabis educators – can advise you on best products for your health concerns
    • Cannabis clinics – run by cannabis aware physicians to obtain medical authorization, often get supported by cannabis educator in addition to doctor, cannabis products ordered online and received by mail only
    • Grow your own for personal use
  • The potential for more scientific research on cannabis products
  • The safety concerns around products with THC for children and teens
    • Some children’s brains are more susceptible to damaging effects of THC when under the age of 25 
  • The use of products with CBD for children and teens to manage medical conditions like seizures, anxiety and appetite stimulation
  • Possible side effects you need to be aware of:
    • THC – Racing heart (tachycardia), sedation, confusion, short term memory issues, anxiety, increased hunger, slowed reflexes and impairment, lowered blood pressure
    • CBD – Lowered blood pressure, reduced appetite, blood sugar imbalance, wakefulness
  • The desire for the normalization of cannabis use especially for women

You can find and connect with Jeananne at http://www.jeanannelaing.com/

For more cannabis education, visit https://www.cannu.ca/ and  https://elevatedlearningacademy.com/

Today’s Mama Must Have: 

Jeananne is a big fan of using 10-25mg of CBD first thing in the morning with some fatty food to think more clearly, manage stress and reduce any aches and pains from inflammation. 

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