Episode 96: Protecting Your Energy with Amy Fowler

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa talks with intuitive energy health and former registered nurse Amy Fowler about how to protect your energy, clear negative energy and tap into your intuitive healing ability. If you want to clear past hurts and not pass on any negative energy to loved ones, you need to listen to this episode to learn some simple practices you can use every day.

Amy Fowler is an intuitive energy healer that uses universal source energy to help locate, release and heal any stored negative emotions and energy in your body that have manifested as illness, dis-ease and physical pain. Trained as a registered nurse, Amy left her nursing career in 2019 to focus on her own healing and now wants to share her healing techniques with others so that they can learn to harness their own healing powers. For more information about Amy’s offers including Intuitive Energy Healing, Intuitive Card Readings and Animal Energy Healing you can follow Amy on Instagram @treat.yourself.first

In this episode, we cover:

  • The concept of how Trauma and trauma can get stuck in your body and manifest as symptoms like depression and pain 
  • The different ways you can be intuitive and “download” information from Source or the Universe
    • Clairvoyance – seeing information
    • Claircognizance – knowing information
    • Clairsentience – feeling information
  • How to start to feel and work with energy (also known as qi/chi or prana)
  • 2 practices to ground and clear your energy
    • With your feet on the ground, imagine tree roots coming from the bottom of your feet down to the core of the earth
    • Then imagine pulling up water or crystal energy from the core of the earth into your body, cleansing any negative emotions from all the cells in your legs, abdomen, chest, arms, head and the rest of your body
    • Then imagine pulling that negative energy back down through the roots to deliver it back to the earth
    • Imagine a shower of water or light from the sun, moon or stars flowing down through your entire body from your crown chakra to the bottom of your feet, cleaning out all the negative energy and flowing back to the earth
  • The main chakras or energy centres in your body
    • Crown – your connection to the Universe or Source at the top of the head
    • Third Eye – your internal seeing between your eyebrows
    • Throat – your true belief and/or voice in your throat 
    • Heart – 
    • Solar Plexus – who you are in the world, found between your breastbone and belly button
    • Sacral – your womanhood sexuality at the sacrum
    • Root – your grounding to the earth at base of tailbone
  • How to keep your throat and heart chakras unblocked
    • Speak your truth to yourself or write it down
  • What can affect your energy
    • Moon cycles, stars, other people
    • Full moon ritual – write out everything you want to release then burn the paper safely
  • How to ground yourself 
    • Focus on 5 things you can see, then 4 things you can feel, then 3 things you can smell, then 2 things you can taste, then 1 thing you can ground 
  • The importance of protecting yourself from negative energy while letting in positive energy
    • After clearing energy, see your energy start to glow in your body brighter, then outside your body in your aura, then see it slowly grow out and around you like you are surrounded by an orb
    • Send out the intention that your energy will protect you, filter out negative energy and allow in positive, loving energy 
  • How to get your kids involved in energy practices to protect them energetically without depleting your own energy
  • The importance of grounding your home and car

Connect with Amy on Instagram @treat.yourself.first to find a link to a free clarity call

Listen to the In Her Feelings Podcast “Protecting Your Energy” episode released on May 27th 2021 for more about the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise

Today’s Mama and Stepmom Must Have: 

Dr. Lisa loves using peppermint essential oil to support digestion, as well as energy, focus and concentration.

Amy is a big fan of having Arbonne Energy Fizz as an alternative to coffee to get an energy kick.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this presentation is not meant to replace treatment with a licensed health care practitioner. It is for informational purposes only. Consult with a naturopathic doctor or other licensed health care professional to determine which treatments are safe for you.