Episode 178: How to Do a Digital Detox (And Why You Need To)

In this episode, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Toni review the positive and negative effects that social media and screen time have on your body, mind and emotions.

Did you know that the average American watches TV for 4 hours/day and is on a digital device for 7.5 hours/day?!

Not only can being online impact your sleep, lower your mood, increase anxiety, and distract you from doing the things that really matter…it can also lead to “text neck”, “texting thumb”, inactivity and more!

Listen in to discover ways to do a digital detox by starting small and, ironically, using apps and technology along the way to get you off devices and be more efficient and productive with your time, energy and resources.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Why you need a digital detox – the negative impact of electronics and social media on your physical and mental health
  • How to set yourself up for a successful digital detox
  • The importance of practicing digital minimalism for your physical and mental health

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of Biosteel electrolyte powder with water, ice and doTerra grapefruit oil for an energy pick-me-up.

Dr. Toni loves her SodaStream sparkling water maker for inexpensive bubbly water without cans or artificial flavours – she uses fruit or a drop each of lemon and fennel essential oil. 

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Episode 11: How to Get Your Kids to Bed, Effortlessly, Using Process Improvement; Sleep Better and Reduce Stress Using Bullet Journaling and Digital Minimalism

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa talks with process improvement consultant (and mom of almost 3) Nicole North of Whiteboard Consulting about how process improvement makes your life easier and reduces mom stress – from getting your kids to bed at night and out of the house in the morning to keep track of all of the important and mundane things that are stuck in your head.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Nicole made going to bed fun for her step-daughter
  • The importance of off-loading mom burden and increase your kid’s responsibility
  • How creating checklists makes routines like getting out of the house with your kids in the morning way less of a nightmare
  • The wonders of bullet journaling for creating the world’s best to-do list to keep track of your grocery list, your daily health habits, appointments, personal goals, meeting notes, and everything else in your life
  • How bullet journaling reduces your mental workload and stress level as a busy mama
  • The difference between using a computer or phone versus using a paper journal
  • How to maximize your kid’s naptime and not waste your time on email
  • The benefits of practicing digital minimalism on your stress level and sleep quality

Today’s Mama Must Haves:

Dr. Lisa loves her Costco membership for stocking up on toilet paper, organic produce and healthy food staples like chia and hemp seed.

Nicole loves to reduce the messiness of kids’ activities with Melissa and Doug Water Wow! Mess-Free Reusable Colouring Flip Pads and Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Markers and Paint.

How to Find Nicole North/Whiteboard Consulting:

Find Nicole and Ruth of Whiteboard Consulting on Instagram @whiteboardconsult

Here is the link to Nicole and Ruth’s podcast “At The Whiteboard”

Here is Nicole’s blog post on “How I Used a Process Map to Make a Kid Go To Bed”.

FREE online courses from Whiteboard Consulting:

Here is Nicole and Ruth’s free online course: “Show Your Inbox Who is Boss”.

Here is Nicole and Ruth’s free online course: “Bullet Journaling: The Ultimate Organizational Hack”

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