Episode 214: Digital Wellness for Ourselves and Our Kids, with Jennifer Brown

In this newly-released episode, Dr. Lisa chats with Jennifer Brown about using social media and technology in ways that can help our mental and physical health in positive ways. It is way too easy for you and your kids to be negatively affected by social media with increased bullying, as well as feelings of anxiety and self-criticism. Thankfully, throwing away your phone is not the only solution. If you find yourself wasting your precious hours by mindlessly scrolling and don’t feel good about yourself after, you need to listen in!

Jennifer Brown is a marketing professional-turned M.Ed student eager to combine the two fields to create positive change. She’s worked widely in marketing communications as a director, publicist and entrepreneur, earning an industry award from PR in Canada. Friends and family inspire her research interests. As a lifelong friend of Dr. Lisa Weeks, Jennifer wove naturopathic strategies into her wellness journey early on.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • How you can limit your time on social media apps like Instagram
  • The importance of consuming content that adds happiness to your day
  • How you can release any negative feelings you might experience while scrolling
  • The importance of curating your online experience to make it a positive one
  • How you can keep your kids safe online from cyberbullying and help them use interactive media in a way that creates a positive effect on their overall physical and mental well-being
  • The importance of being intentional with your use of social media


Somatic exercises to release anger

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Family Digital Wellness Guide

Mental Health Commission of Canada’s “Protecting Your Mental Wellness on Social Media”

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