Episode 212: Celebrating 2023 and Welcoming 2024!

Happy New Year! In this newly-released episode, Dr. Lisa and Dr.Toni share their highlights from 2023, along with their intentions and “words” for 2024.

Do you create a “ta-da” list celebrating your wins? Or do you just plough through without acknowledging all the hard work you have done? The act of appreciating and recognizing all of your hard work puts you in a state that allows you to bring more abundance and success into your life, moving forward.

If your New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick, this episode is for you! Discover ways to approach change with gentleness and kindness, not with aggression and restriction.

What’s Happening?

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Dr. Lisa’s “Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet” free webinar, on Tuesday, January 23rd at 7:00pm. You can register HERE. This will be the only time Dr. Lisa is  offering this as a free webinar. She shares practical tips from Gretchen Rubin’s, “The Four Tendencies”, along with valuable snippets from James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits”. Feel free to share the registration link with a friend/neighbour/colleague.

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Episode 72: Hard Habits to Break? How to Use The Four Tendencies For Lasting Change

In this episode, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Toni discuss habits and Gretchen Rubin’s, “The Four Tendencies” framework behind why you keep or don’t keep habits. If you’ve picked up some bad habits or have let go of some healthy habits during the pandemic, you’ll want to listen in to find out why and how to start changing your habits.

Why do you have certain habits?

  1. Trigger – Automatic, autopilot, routine or low energy
  2. Behaviour – Healthy or unhealthy
  3. Result or outcome – Reward with positive feelings or negative feelings and impact

What can you do to interrupt automatic habits and behaviours?

Between your trigger and behaviour: pause; set timer, do something you enjoy for 5-10 minutes (eg. journal, go for a walk), then see how you feel

Four Tendencies, as outlined in Better Than Before book by Gretchen Rubin

  • Distinguishes how you respond to inner and outer expectations
  • Why you keep habits or don’t
  1. Upholder
  • Meets both inner and outer expectations
  • Self-starter, reliable, motivated, thorough
  • But can become defensive, rigid, impatient, demanding
  • Can experience burn out and not say no
  • Key strategy for habit change: Does well with scheduling and monitoring
  1. Questioner
  • Meets inner expectations and resists outer expectations
  • Data-driven; desire to create efficient and effective systems
  • Like to play devil’s advocate
  • It isn’t enough to be told what to do
  • Needs to know why
  • Reliable, strong-willed, responsible
  • Can suffer analysis paralysis – can manage with seating deadlines, establishing limits, consulting authorities
  • Key strategy for habit change: Strategy of accountability and clarity with monitoring and collecting data 
  1. Obliger
  • Resists inner expectations and meets outer expectations
  • People pleaser and puts a high value on meeting commitments to others—“I’ll do anything for a client/patient/family member”
  • Requires deadlines, oversight, monitoring, and other forms of accountability
  • Key strategy for habit change: Give self treats or rewards
  1. Rebel
  • Resists both inner and outer expectations
  • Independent-minded
  • Unswayed by conventional opinion, willing to buck social conventions
  • In touch with their authentic desires
  • Act as though ordinary rules don’t apply to them
  • Restless; may find it difficult to settle down in a job, relationship, city
  • Repelled by routine and planning
  • Struggle with repetitive or mandatory tasks
  • Needs any behaviour to be convenient and to add to their identity
  • Key strategy for habit change: Strategy of Identity

Consider the following Habit Hacks:

  • Approach your habits and behaviours with self-love, compassion and forgiveness, as we discussed in Episode 55
  • Be intentional and recognize your autopilot behaviours
  • Remember the why
  • Commit and schedule it in your calendar 
  • Pair it with something else – making your own lemon water while making kids’ breakfast
  • Break it up into bite-sized chunks
  • Be accountable – text a friend or post on social media, join online community
  • Monitor progress – track in calendar or journal with gold stars or check marks, post on social media (see Episode 11 to learn more about using a bullet journal)
  • Avoid “all or nothing” thinking – you can start over anytime


Take the Four Tendencies quiz by Gretchen Rubin.

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This Week’s Mama Must Have: 

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Dr. Toni loves Smart Sweets gummy bears and peach rings for a sugar free treat.

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