Episode 163: Why Use A Continuous Glucose Monitor? Part 2

In this part 2 of 2 episodes on CGMs, Dr. Toni shares her surprising experience using a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) over 14 days. She describes how her focus changed from watching for glucose levels that were too high to glucose levels that were too low. Tracking glucose levels can help support your energy and brain health, as well as reducing risk of disease like diabetes. 

See part 1 at Episode 159 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The basics about using a CGM
  • What numbers to look for when you are using a CGM
  • The downside of hyperglycemia (when your glucose levels are too high) and hypoglycemic episodes (when your glucose levels are too low)
  • How CGMs can help you discover the best food combinations for stable blood sugar levels
  • How eating snacks sweetened with stevia might not be your solution to blood sugar spikes and dips

See for Episode 133 (re-release of Episode 32) for Dr. Toni’s breakfast bar recipe and Episode 85 (re-release of Episode 10) for Dr. Toni’s hemp protein power ball recipe. 

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Toni recommends making your food intake a top priority instead of being a second (or third) thought after feeding your kids and all the other things we manage as parents. 

What’s Else is Happening?

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