Episode 114: Two Years of COVID-19: Research Update and the Possibility of Co-Infections with Dr. Paul Anderson, ND

In today’s episode, Dr. Toni welcomes back Dr. Paul Anderson to discuss what the latest scientific research is telling us about COVID-19 and what it means for you and your family. Their discussion includes the shift from pandemic to endemic, how COVID-19 affects kids and the importance of addressing viral and bacterial co-infections to recover completely and stay healthy.

Previously, Dr. Toni discussed the scientific research on nutrition and COVID-19 with Dr. Paul Anderson in Episode 39 back in September 2020.

Dr. Paul Anderson is a naturopathic doctor and educator with a focus on complex infections,  chronic illness and cancer care, as well as the author of multiple books including “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” and the upcoming book “Cancer…Living Your Life While You Have It”. In addition to educating clinicians through his website www.ConsultDrAnderson.com and various conferences. He is the host of the podcast Medicine and Health with Dr. Paul Anderson.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The difference between the spread of Delta and Omicron variants of the SARS CoV-2 virus, regardless of your vaccination status or isolation behaviours
  • How more kids are getting the Omicron variant compared to the previous variants
  • The impact of Omicron on kids 0-12 years old compared to you and other adults in general
  • What living with COVID-19 might mean for you and your family
  • What the research now says about your immune response to the vaccine and to virus exposure
  • Why Dr. Anderson considers COVID-19 “the great door opener” and the impact of co-infections like Epstein Barr virus and other lung infections on how you can experience COVID-19
  • What to watch for if you or other family members experience COVID-19
  • Nutrients with scientific research for immune support and ability to address COVID-19 and other viral infections:
    • Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, probiotics, NAC

Connect with Dr. Anderson and find his newsletter that includes links to research articles, recommended nutrients and dosages at https://dranow.com/

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Dr. Toni is thankful for podcasters like Dr. Paul Anderson who are trusted sources of information we can use to stay healthy…we hope the Perimenopausal Mamas Podcast does the same for you!

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