Episode 62: Celebrating the Right to Be Free to Run; The Secret Marathon with Kate McKenzie

In this episode, Dr. Toni talks with filmmaker Kate McKenzie about her inspiring documentary film, “The Secret Marathon”, which shares the story of the brave women of Afghanistan who are risking it all for the freedom to run in the Marathon of Afghanistan, the first co-gender athletic event in Afghanistan. If you care about freedom, gender equality and the ability of girls and women to participate in sports everywhere, you need to know this story.

Kate McKenzie is a published author and speaker, as well as the director and founder of Worldviews Productions, a digital media production company specializing in stories of hope and innovation through a constructive journalism approach. Her most recent project is the feature length documentary film The Secret Marathon, which won the Audience Choice Award for best documentary at the Edmonton International Film Festival. The film has also inspired The Secret 3K, an annual run/walk in multiple cities across Canada and around the world to promote gender equality and safe and inclusive spaces. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How movement is medicine for Kate to support her mental health
  • The assaults and threats that women in Afghanistan can face by running outside and the obstacles they face to train for the Marathon of Afghanistan
  • The complications and risks involved in traveling to Afghanistan 
  • Cultural sensitivity and the distinction of making a film with the people of Afghanistan, instead of making a film about the people of Afghanistan
  • The secrecy needed in filming to prevent endangering the marathon and its participants
  • The challenging elevation of the Marathon of Afghanistan race course, which was Kate’s first marathon
  • The steps taken to ensure the safety of the women running the marathon who were featured in the film
  • The beauty and new story of Afghanistan being created by the people of Afghanistan
  • How the pandemic brought more challenges and opportunities to have people view and discuss the film
  • How everyone can participate in The Secret 3K to support the Marathon of Afghanistan and the girls and women of Afghanistan, as well as show their solidarity and celebrate the right to be free to run everywhere

Encore film screenings of the virtual gala for The Secret Marathon are happening on February 27 and March 6, 2021

Watch The Secret Marathon film and register for The Secret 3K virtual run/walk at https://thesecretmarathon.com/

Find out more about The Secret Marathon and The Secret 3K on social media:

Instagram: @thesecretmarathon

Facebook: @thesecretmarathon

Twitter: @asecretmarathon 

Connect with Kate on Twitter @kate4hope

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Toni loves documentaries and for Black History Month recommends watching Enslaved with Samuel L. Jackson on CBC Gem, that looks at all aspects of transatlantic slave trade

Kate relies on her baby carrier to get outside and go for a walk with her little one, and recommends following Black Girls Run on social media for more inspiring stories around running.

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