Episode 109: How to Foster Leadership Skills in Your Kids and Lead by Example with Nicole North

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa welcomes back Nicole North to discuss how to model leadership skills in your kids to foster their self-confidence, compassion and ability to communicate with others while allowing them to feel safe to express their authentic selves. If you want your kids to feel limitless so they can defy the odds in front of them, listen in to learn more about communicating feedback and providing opportunities for decision making. 

Nicole was a previous guest on Episode 11: How to Get Your Kids to Bed, Effortlessly, Using Process Improvement; Sleep Better and Reduce Stress Using Bullet Journaling and Digital Minimalism

Nicole is the President and Founder of Whiteboard consulting and has been leading large-scale leadership training initiatives with Whiteboard since its inception. Nicole’s formal education includes an honors BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. She is also certified as a Coach and as a practitioner in Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments and training, Method Time Motion studies, and Appreciative Inquiry.

She is the creator, designer, and lead facilitator of The Limitless LeaderTM program that creates leaders and teams that feel limitless to create and innovate paired with accountability and grace. Nicole has been designing and delivering online and in-person human skills content for the last 10 years and is a top-rated facilitator for her engagement and passionate approach to delivery. 

Whiteboard’s clientele includes: IMAX, Volkswagon, Mitsubishi, Hain-Celestial, Toronto Hydro,  Toronto General Hospital, Canada Council for the Arts, WSIB, The Ontario Public Sector, The University of Toronto, Georgian College, and Humber College.

Nicole is a retired fitness instructor who dances on her Peloton, she is a cottage-country lover, a vegan cook, and can out-karaoke almost anyone.

In this episode, we cover the importance of:

  • Setting personal and work boundaries to prevent burnout (again!)
  • Tapping into the skill sets and productivity of others as a leader so others feel like they can accomplish anything
  • Coaching and asking questions to guide your kids’ actions and have them own their decisions
  • 5x more positive reinforcement compared to negative feedback with ASBI model
    • Ask permission to ensure you have your kid’s focus
    • Describe the situation, behaviour and impact specifically
  • Trial and error, and repeating the things that work with your kids
  • Accountability for maintaining consistency in your household
  • Flexing and bending to your kids’ personality type, letting them thrive in their natural state so they feel limitless, rather than forcing them to fit the mold you think is right
  • Psychological safety in your home

You can connect with Nicole on Instagram and at https://www.whiteboardconsulting.ca/

Today’s Mama Must Have:

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of the Zulay kitchen frother to mix nut milks in teas and collagen powder in decaf coffee. 

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