Episode 121: Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties and Exceptionalities with Delphine Rule

In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Vice Principal and advocate Delphine Rule about navigating learning difficulties in kids. From early signs to assessment and available professional support, Delphine shares her personal experience and the supportive roadmaps she uses to guide parents to address their kids’ learning exceptionalities in a holistic way. 

Delphine is a mother, wife, teacher, Vice Principal, and committed advocate for children with learning exceptionalities. She believes that all children have the potential to make a difference – no matter how difficult their learning struggle might be. And, she believes that the best way to unlock a child’s potential is to build a network between parents, teachers, and school administrators with the common goal of elevating the child’s success using the best combination of tools possible. 

She has dyslexia, a disABILITY that two of her three children share with her, yet it has been part of her journey – and that of her children’s. And it’s a challenge she’s navigated proudly. When she became a parent, her own experience helped her to advocate for her children as their exceptionalities became evident. It is her life’s work to navigate the uncharted territory of the educational system and make the process of advocating for children with learning exceptionalities easier and smoother. Now, she fights to open the eyes and ears of stubborn systems. Not just for her and her children – but for you and yours. And that’s why Access2Education was born. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa and Delphine discuss:

  • The importance of advocating for your kids and checking your parental gut instincts 
  • Early signs of learning exceptionalities
    • Delays in your kids’ speech or understanding spoken language
    • Your kids being disengaged at school and needing information repeated 
    • Issues with social interactions or transitions
    • Having a family history of learning difficulties
  • What a developmental assessment for learning exceptionalities in your kids looks like
  • The range of learning exceptionalities that can be present in your kids and the resources that are available
  • The importance of having clear goals for your kids in order to determine the best resources for them
  • How technology can help your kids with their individual differences
  • The importance of being honest with your kids about the strengths and differences

Connect with Delphine at https://www.access2education.com/ 

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