Episode 191: Ten Ways to Easily Feed Yourself and Your Kids Healthy Food (AND Get Your Kiddos To Try New Things!)

In this new episode, Dr. Lisa shares some of the best nutritional advice she has received from previous guests on how to incorporate nourishing foods into your family’s diet that your kids will actually eat. She shares some of her favourite meal prep hacks to save you time and frustration. A great listen for preparing to go back to school or work, after getting off track with a routine during summer holidays.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • How you can make breakfast on Sunday for the whole week
    • Roasted Root Paleo Crepes recipe can be found HERE
  • Why you would want to give your kiddo dessert after breakfast instead of after dinner
  • How you can put food or supplements your kids won’t otherwise take into a smoothie or popsicle
  • The importance of letting your kids pick out food at a farmer’s market, a summer festival or even at Costco, without you intervening
  • The importance of talking with your kids about how they might like something they don’t like right now in a month or year
    • Give them an example of how your own taste buds changed
  • Why you don’t want to make any foods forbidden
  • How to slowly wean your kids off juice or slowly switch from cow’s milk to goat or non-dairy milk
  • How buying 2 lunch containers can make your life easier
  • Why you want to ask your kids what their friends bring for lunch or what they are having at school or daycare
  • The importance of getting your kids involved in cooking, baking and meal prep with you

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Today’s Mama Must-Have:

Dr. Lisa loves her ice cream maker

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