Episode 79: Listen to Your Body: Embodied Intuitive Movement with Sharmeen Abeysinghe

In this episode, Dr. Lisa talks with Embodied Intuitive Movement coach Sharmeen Abeysinghe about how to listen to your body and tap into your intuition so you can respond better to your emotions. Learn how the development of your nervous system is linked to how you parent and interact with your kids. They also discuss how to release emotions through movement and how to pause before reacting to your kids. Included is a 5-minute “movement snack” to get you grounded and focused.

Sharmeen Abeysinghe is the mom of 2 boys and an Embodied Intuitive Movement Coach for emotional resilience.  Her areas of focus are the interplay between the body, brain, emotional & energetic self; and how we can influence these through movement. Having experienced developmental trauma growing up, and complex trauma in adulthood, Sharmeen has a deep understanding of how trauma can shape your life.  While being an educator for nineteen years, she is adept at simplifying complex information so that it is not only easily digestible but fun as well! Sharmeen is an advocate of mental & emotional health for all and in herself finds this through movement.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • How emotional releases can happen through movement, since emotions and trauma can be held in your body
  • How you can tap into your intuition and listen to what your body is telling you
  • The importance of paying attention to your breath and sensations in your body
  • How you can retrain yourself to associate different body sensations with fun and excitement instead of anxiety and fear
  • How to observe your emotions and lengthen the pause to stay calm and collected instead of reacting and yelling at your kids
  • The link between the development of your nervous system and how you respond to your kids 
  • Different ways to inject play and movement into your day
  • A five minute movement snack

You can connect with Sharmeen at https://www.myalignedlife.ca/ and on Instagram

Find out more information about Sharmeen’s webinar at https://www.myalignedlife.ca/services/webinars/

This Week’s Mama Must Have:

Dr. Lisa is a big fan of cold water at the end of her showers for hydrotherapy.

Sharmeen loves to wear shorts with dresses so she can still move and feel comfortable while wearing what she wants.

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