Episode 144: How to Fight Loneliness, Live Longer AND Experience Real Transformation

In this episode, Dr. Lisa shares the benefits of community medicine and reveals that social isolation is just as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day AND can shorten your life by up to 8 years! Discover how you can take advantage of this unique approach to health that enables you to: up-level your body literacy; unpack and overcome your challenges in a supportive community environment; experience powerful health transformations that otherwise seem impossible to do on your own; and put on your oxygen mask first to then be able to give to those around you, without feeling drained and resentful.

The pandemic has left so many women feeling disconnected, unfulfilled and “going through the motions” of life without any purpose or passion. Did you know there is another way to health care, outside of the regular one-on-one medical visits? Community medicine is the wave of the future; loneliness and social isolation numbers are on the rise and community medicine is the answer. 

The Wild Collective is the answer to loneliness, social isolation, overwhelm and/or feeling disempowered on your healing journey.