Episode 60: Parenting with Purpose with Tia Slightham

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa talks with parenting coach Tia Slightham about navigating parenthood during the pandemic. They discuss the importance of responsive parenting (instead of reactive), why your kids are having tantrums and meltdowns (and how to prevent them) and how to learn the skills of parenting instead of feeling like a failure. Parenting can be lonely and exhausting, but with support, the right tools and community, it can be so much easier.

Tia is a mom of two boys and best-selling author of the book, “You’ve Got This Mama, Too”. She is the founder of Tia Slightham Parenting Solutions and The Parenting With Purpose Method, where she works with parents to teach them positive ways to decrease the daily struggles we all encounter as parents. Tia has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, is certified in Positive Discipline and has worked with kids and families for over 16 years. She works alongside parents to tailor a plan to solve parenting struggles with positive solutions that are effective, long-lasting and most importantly, will help parents re-connect with their kids.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The 2 pre-determined jobs of your kids
    • Pleasing you
    • Pushing boundaries until boundaries are found (getting out of the grey zone into the sweet spot)
  • The 3 C’s of boundaries, which are commonly used at school or other outside programs, are often not implemented at home. They are needed for your child to thrive.
    • Concrete, clear, consistent
  • The importance of a structured routine with age-appropriate charts so your kids can see what to expect during the day
  • How Positive Discipline differs from discipline using punishment
    • Training and teaching your kids life lessons with mutual respect instead of causing blame, shame and pain with yelling, time outs, force or power struggles
  • The importance of using a timer with visual cues to help with transitions and prevent tantrums
  • The difference between meltdowns and tantrums – it’s all about root cause
    • All behaviours have goals – your child is saying “help me meet my needs”
    • Key: shift your parenting to shift your child’s behaviour to be battle-free
  • Why you should welcome a tantrum in the moment if your child has one
    • Validate their feelings
    • Choice – offer to help them through their emotions
    • Space – give them space if they don’t take your offer
  • How Golden Time helps your child fill their attention bucket and power bucket
  • Why time outs are an ineffective parenting strategy
  • How to learn the skills of parenting instead of feeling like a failure

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Dr. Lisa loves her air fryer to get out of her menu-planning rut and try out different ways to make veggies for healthy eating.

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