Episode 151: What We Know About Ageism and What to Do About It with Helen Latimer

What beliefs do you hold about ageing? Discrimination against women as they age is real and rampant, and not addressed often enough.  In this episode, Dr. Lisa chats with Helen Latimer, a leadership and transition coach, all about ageism in the workplace, in society and even self-imposed. They discuss ways to overcome ageism and some useful resources to check out to learn more.

Helen Latimer is a leadership and transition coach who works with people wanting to enrich their careers, change fields or find a new role. She really enjoys working with people over 50. She’s a highly skilled coach who provides her clients with actionable advice along with warmth and encouragement. 

She’s a former executive with over 20 years of corporate experience and a member of John McKee and Associates, a prestigious international coaching organization with members in over 20 countries.  

A long-time community volunteer in Toronto, Helen is the Chair of the Board at CultureLink. She is the co-author of The Plan: Personal Balance, Career Success, Financial Strength. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The prevalence of ageism in Canada and the US
  • The assumptions behind some of the discrimination around age in the workplace
  • How to recognize and overcome self-imposed ageism
  • The book “Breaking the Age Code” by Becca Levy

Connect with Helen by email at helen@helenlatimer.com and find out more at https://helenlatimer.com/

Register for Helen’s Workshop: “How to Thrive and Flourish After 50” (on Nov 12th 2022) HERE.

Today’s Mama Must-Have:

  • Dr. Lisa loves her sleep and honouring her bedtime routine to get at least 7 hours. 
  • Helen is a big fan of packing an inflatable beach ball for play while travelling. 

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