Episode 106: How to Maintain a Healthy Weight in Perimenopause (Part 1 of Managing Symptoms)

In this episode, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Toni discuss natural ways to manage symptoms in perimenopause and menopause. In this part 1 of 2 episodes, they share what the research is showing about how to manage weight and metabolism, as well as some surprising research about beer and perimenopausal symptoms.

The goal of treatment in perimenopause:

  • Reduce and manage symptoms
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Prevent disease associated with declining hormones
    • Osteoporosis
    • Heart disease
  • Not to get your menstrual cycle back to being regular

What can you do about body fat and weight gain in perimenopause?

Research shows that 8 years before menopause, you can experience a steady increase in weight and body fat with decreased muscle mass

Ways to support your metabolism includes:

  • Eating more protein
    • Aim for 1.2g – 1.5g protein per kg of body weight for muscle maintenance 
    • Animal protein is linked with longer lifespan in both men and women
    • For more info, see Episode 103
  • Using creatine to support your muscle mass
  • Have a variety in your workouts and physical activity, while getting in rest days
  • Intermittent fasting? Listen to your body and get enough calories!
  • Be mindful of intake of simple carbs, sugar and alcohol
    • Consider continuous glucose monitoring to track your blood sugar with different foods
  • Get enough sleep
  • Support your gut health
  • Check your thyroid function 
  • Manage your stress and mood
    • Consider managing your expectations and asking for support
    • For more info on sparking joy in your life, see Episode 104
    • For more info on vitamin D, see Episode 97

What can you do about hot flashes and other symptoms in perimenopause?

Research has shown that different phytoestrogens can impact hormone balance and reduce different symptoms in perimenopause:

  • Beer is the main food source of isoxanthohumol, a precursor of the strongest known phytoestrogen
  • Moderate intake of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer significantly reduced the severity of menopause-related symptoms in postmenopausal women
  • Moderate intake of non-alcoholic beer improved the lipid profile and decreased blood pressure in postmenopausal women

Today’s Mama Must Have:

Dr. Lisa loves reading daily and was inspired by Gretchen Rubin to read 13 books so far in 2021.

Dr. Toni is a big fan of reality TV shows like Survivor and Selling Sunset. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this presentation is not meant to replace treatment with a licensed health care practitioner. It is for informational purposes only. Consult with a Naturopathic Doctor or other licensed health care professional to determine which treatments are safe for you.