Episode 111: Metabolic Flexibility and the Keto Diet with Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, ND

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa is discussing keto diet and metabolic flexibility with best-selling author and Naturopathic Doctor Bonnie Nedrow. As you age and have hormone fluctuations, it can be challenging to dial in the right amount of carbs while still supporting ideal fat-burning and metabolism. Listen in to learn how you can achieve stable energy without eating frequently, reduce your dependence on carbs and train your body to burn fat in perimenopause and menopause.

Dr. Bonnie Nedrow lives in the redwoods of northern California, her home base for naturopathic tele-medicine, her membership platform and on-line courses. She is passionate about the effects of environmental chemicals on health, the core subject of lectures she has presented nationally and internationally to the public and her peers. Dr. Nedrow is President of the National Association of Environmental Medicine and the co-author of three books, Metabolic Flexibility: How to Heal Your Metabolism with a Ketogenic Diet, The Cleanse Companion Cookbook and The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook. For more about her work, visit DrBonnieNedrow.com. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • How metabolic flexibility helps you to easily shift from using carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat for fuel 
  • The importance of intelligently experimenting with your macronutrient balance, caloric intake and eating patterns for your metabolism and enjoyment of life
  • How to listen to your body so you can gravitate towards the best healing foods for you
  • The importance of getting a physical exam and blood work to prepare your body for a ketogenic diet
  • How other factors like your levels of exercise, alcohol intake, sleep, gut microbiome and your sleep have an impact on fat metabolism
  • The importance of testing levels of ketones through blood to get an accurate picture of what your keto diet looks like – without tracking, you don’t know
  • How getting off the blood sugar roller coaster with a higher fat diet takes the stress off your adrenal glands so your hormones can be supported during the menopausal transition
  • The benefits of being fat adapted in perimenopause and menopause, including fat metabolism, weight loss, higher energy, improved sleep and mood
  • When to think about intermittent fasting during your menstrual cycle
  • How staying on a keto diet too long is harmful for your metabolism 
  • The pros and cons of using exogenous ketones or keto snacks when you are using a keto diet to get fat adapted
  • What to eat for breakfast to support your fat metabolism 
  • How being keto adapted is important if you are intermittent fasting so you don’t lose your muscle mass
  • The importance of liver detoxification for fat metabolism

You can purchase Dr. Bonnie’s Metabolic Flexibility book here

Visit drbonnienedrow.com for more info about Dr. Bonnie.

Today’s Mama Must Have:

Dr. Bonnie is a big fan of nurturing bidirectional respect with her kids 

Dr. Lisa loves her Month of Love activity of cutting out hearts to write something she loves about another family member and posting it on their door.

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